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This Roy Rogers is anything but the
singing cowboy from the 40's & 50's

Roy Rogers...the slide guiartistMention the name Roy Rogers and several million baby-boomers will think of the singing cowboy and his wife Dale Evans who sang, made movies and was featured in comics, all during the 40's and 50's. However, there is another Roy Rogers and he happens to be one of the premier slide guitarists performing today. With eight solo recordings, he has also been nominated for two Grammy Awards and 6 Grammy credits as the producer of John Lee Hooker and Ramblin' Jack Elliott releases. He is well known for his exciting live performances, having toured in the 1980's with John Lee Hooker's Coast to Coast Blues Band and then with his own group The Delta Rhythm Kings since 1986Roy Rogers, Slide Guitarist. Rogers has appeared at numerous festivals and special eventsthroughout the world, including Montreux Jazz (Switzerland), North Sea Jazz Festival (Holland), Notodden (Norway), Byron Bay (Australia), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (USA) and Montreal Jazz (Canada) in addition to touring Europe, the U.S.A. and Canada.

Rogers' ability to electrify and move audiences to their feet is well known. He loves to perform and it shows. Nominated for Best Blues Guitarist by the W.C. Handy's in 2003, his virtuosity and style of slide guitar has been recognized worldwide and acknowledged in such publications as Rolling Roy Rogers - Slide GuitaristStone, USA Today, Billboard, Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar and Guitar & Bass magazine. His musical talents have been featured on numerous film & TV soundtracks, most notably 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and also 'The Hot Spot' which he recorded with Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker and Taj Mahal and garnered a Grammy nomination.

A native Californian, he was born in 1950 and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started playing guitar at age 12 and was exposed to a wealth of music styles, most notably the blues, which became his passion - especially the Delta Blues (Robert Johnson) and slide guitar. Since his first recording in 1976, he has become one of the finest practitioners and innovators of modern slide guitar.

A recording artist, producer and composer - he continues to combine diverse music influences to achieve his musical vision. Always eclectic in approach, he is constantly stretching the boundaries of slide guitar. Rogers is both a sensational and a sensitive blues guitarist - certainly among the finest slide guitarists performing today.
Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings Roy Roters Rhythm and Groove
His wailing slide guitar sound (and churning rhythms, when needed) mark him and his work as of the highest caliber."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Rogers is an exceptionally articulate slide guitarist, either he's scorching Robert Johnson's 'Ramblin' Blues' or taking a lovely, lyrical journey...or rockin' it out. One of the rare guitar heroes who values feeling over flash." - Rolling Stone

"Many guitarists dabble in slide guitar, but the number of modern masters can probably be counted on one hand - Roy Rogers is surely one of them..."
- Guitar Player

"Pundits who bemoan the scarcity of guitar gods haven't laid ears on Roy Rogers, whose slide riffs could peel a crawfish."
- USA Today
Roy Rogers Sideways Roy Rogers Pleasure & Pain

Latest CD: "Live! At The Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room" (Chops Not Chaps)
"He absolutely shredded that crowd (at the New Orleans Jazz Fest)...and me too---the guy is frightening." --Bonnie Raitt

So said one great slide guitarist about another, the shredder being Roy Rogers. His playing reflects rock, R&B, funk and soul influences, all folded into a fresh approach that is all his own.

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